Nars 'Virtual Domination' swatches...

Let the angels sing....

This limited edition 'Virtual Domination' cheek palette exclusive to Space NK is the mother of all cheek palettes, well for me anyway! It's a beautiful palette, and has an extremely pretty design to the actual palette different to the black rubber we are used to from Nars. It just makes the palette extra special.... And extra special it is.

It's considerably thicker than the normal palettes but still light and compact enough to travel with.

And breathe..... The palette features 3 blush shades, 2 of them being limited edition, a highlighter also limited edition and the amazing 'Laguna' bronzer everyone raves about including me!!


This palette is £45 and amazing value for money, the blushes are practically full size and the bronzer is much bigger. A standard blush is 0.16oz and a normal bronzer is 0.28oz and you get 0.35oz with this palette, it's a total steal if you are a Nars junkie or just a lover of cheek products. The product value on this works out about £117 so what more encouragement do you want. I didn't need much encouragement I was sold the moment I saw it! :)

Miss Liberty (LE)- Highlighter
Deep Throat - Blush
Sex Fantasy (LE) Blush
Final Cut (LE) Blush
Laguna - Bronzer

Final Cut - This is a matt peachy coral tone with a hint of orange, it actually reminds me of the darker side of Mac's 'Ripe Peach'. It's a lovely shade to brighten up for the colder season. It's highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Sex Fantasy - This is a cool toned matte pink and reminds me of Mac's 'Well Dressed', this shade isn't as pigmented as the rest but I like that as it's perfect for a flush of colour and for everyday use. 

Deep Throat - This is a peachy pink with hints of finely milled gold glitter for a sheen finish, this is highly pigmented and available in the permanent collection. Luckily for me I didn't own this shade, and it looks like it will be a great staple.

Miss Liberty - This is a light golden champagne shade with extremely finely milled glitter, it's a beautiful shade and will sit perfectly on the cheekbone. It has a slight luminous feel when applied on the skin and I feel this will work great on the eyelids too.

Laguna - The amazing golden bronze shade. Enough said. Check my bronzer comparison review here!

I love every single one of these shades, my skin is like a NC35 in Mac terms and they all look like they would work perfectly on me, like with all Nars shades the products can be applied with a heavy or light hand depending on the effect you want to achieve so this palette will definitely suit an array of complexions.

Well done Nars & Space NK!
FYI: I ordered this on Wednesday evening and it arrived yesterday. 2 days is really good for free delivery.

Will you be picking up this palette?


Meg Says said…
I'll definitely be picking this palette up, I totally missed the boat on the last NARS blush palette (was it a Guy Bourdin one?) and was gutted, so I'll be ordering this as soon as possible! They're such amazing value for money, especially when you think of how much it'd be to buy four blushers and one bronzer separately and full-size. Thank you for posting such clear swatches and letting us know your thoughts!

Meg at Meg Says
Monika said…
Gorgeous palete. Sex Fantasy looks really pretty.
Katrina said…
Now I regret not getting this palette when I placed an order to Nordstrom. ahhhh it's so pretty!!!
Lizzy Fresh said…
I just ordered this earlier tonight so I'm glad you like it, every shade makes me drool :)

| Lizzy Fresh |
nueyork said…
This is such a stunning palette!
SaraBoopxo said…
Such a gorgeous palette! I've never owned any NARS products (of course I've heard they're amazing). It's just frustrating how they aren't stocked in many stores in the UK! It's always nice to give products a little old swatchy-swatchy before buying! xx
Love this! I've just purchased it...
Amalie said…
I love this palette its so good!!

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