Ombre Balayage...

Short hair, ombre balayage and volume, yes please!

I had my hair chopped off into a long bob 6 weeks ago and whilst I had been enjoying it short, it had been lacking something since it had grown out quite a bit. I called my friend Cheidem and she quickly popped over after we discussed the effect I wanted to achieve. She is the same person who did my micro bead hair extensions and a mobile hairdresser so we were able to nibble, or more like I nibbled on all of these super unhealthy snacks in the comfort of my own home.

I wanted a natural gradient ombre that seamlessly blended in with NO brassy tones and a lot of ash tones shining through. Cheidem has her own technique with backcombing and using foils for no harsh lines. She also used her own conduction to make a toner to cancel out any orange which luckily I didn't get much of anyway.

We had SO much fun and she even did some recordings, so if you follow her on Instagram or You Tube you can check for updates. There is even a recording of me applying makeup whilst she dries my hair!! All of these photos were taken in natural light and no flash so the colour is exactly as you see. The balayage itself was weaved and she avoided the parting area for a more natural sun kissed effect with NO stripes. It's considerably lighter but it feels subtle if that even makes sense.

And no hair post is complete without some before and afters...

Needless to say I love it, and the shade of blonde is exactly how I desired and I will definitely be enjoying my lighter hair for the winter months. This length of shoulder length hair in my opinion needed some sort of balayage for some oomph. I will of course be styling it straight too so I will update more as the days progress. But, it certainly still looks seamless and beautiful straight too which was extremely important for me as there is no way I am going to style my hair curly every single day.

For more info and price quotes contact Cheidem
Professional Hair & Beauty Stylist
07983 766 698

Are you loving balayage as much as I am? And what do you think of going for the chop?!


Laura Brooks said…
Your hair looks fab, lauren Conrad has gone for a kind of version of this to, I love your hair and no lines is perfect.

La Pepa said…
This hair style looks gorgeous on you!
I am the person who never had a short hair.. I am bored with my hair - all my life dark shades (brown/black) and medium or long hair. Need to change something :)
nueyork said…
This is such a stunning look and adds so much life back into the hair!
Your hair looks amazing! Stunning!
Mari said…
Hi Muhsine,
Your hair looks AWESOME! I love that you went lighter for winter months (so did I), I feel that at least my hair can have some "life" to it by going light. You've inspired me to reconsider cutting it shorter too! Great job!
Monika said…
Your hair looks gorgeous! Shorter hair really suits You :)
Magenta SW said…
I love your hair! Wish I could pull off a bob but my afro hair won't allow it!

If you have chance, I'd love for you to stop by my blog! Thanks & have a great day!
-Magenta X
Bella Coco said…
looks gorgeous!! x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all so much for your lovely supportive comments :) xxx
Rosa Adores... said…
your hair looks gorgeous!!! xxx

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