On Wednesdays we wear PINK....

H A P P Y  W E D N E S D A Y

Mornin' all! Ok, so I am not wearing any pink clothing items per se, that doesn't really happen. You will not catch me with a pink top, dress or bag. But, you will catch me with pink brushes, lipstick and nail polish. I LOVE my pink but in small doses and here is some pink lovin' for you today!

Beauty Blender
I love this to apply my foundation & concealer, it really does live up to the hype and your kit isn't complete without one particularly if you like a natural dewy look as the wet sponge just enhances and blends to a beautiful finish. (I purchased mine from Amazon)

Gel Eye Mask
This is perfect when kept in the fridge to place on your eyes in the mornings for a few minutes to wake you up or to apply over a face mask and relax. (£1 from Primark) 

Silicone Face Scrub
I had to try this as I have seen so many people use a similar contraption on YT and I had to give it a go, I have been using it for about 5 days and I love it. The bristles are so soft it's almost like giving your face a massage when used to cleanse your face with a cleanser. it's also very hygienic as everything washes off easily. I want to get one more for cleansing brushes! (approx £1.50 from Primark)

Snow Fairy
The best sweet scented shower gel EVER! Not much more to say... It needs no explanation :) (Lush)

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry 
This is a gorgeous sweet scented body spritzer and I have been non stop applying and layering over the snow fairy. If pink was a scent, I smell like pink right now. (£2.50)

And finally PINK roses!

I am obsessed with pink roses I wish I had them in every corner of the room, all different shades of pink of course, anyway I am getting side tracked. The last pink roses I got were from Tescos for £4 and they have lasted me 11 days. How? I change the water every day, make sure no leaves are touching the water and snip the ends off every day too and voila good as new everyday.

What are your favourite pink items? I have lots more, one including my favourite curling tong that i need to do an updated post on!


Jaide Poppy said…
The Primark face scrubber thing looks awesome! Such a bargain, might have to pick one up. xoxo

So happy to see a post from you :-)

I've recently started using a silicone scrubby thing as well - I use it to massage my cleansing balm into my face...I find that it applies the balm more evenly than my fingers...and the massage feels really nice too :-)

I have a clarisonic too - but I only use that on days that I've been wearing heavier foundation (I wear mineral makeup on most days)

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Anonymous said…
I am in love with Raspberry & Blackberry spritzer at the moment!
Unknown said…
I don't like pink but there is a shade I love - pale pink or dusty rose :) I would love sweater in this shade :)
Paige said…
Pink is my favourite colour to wear on my body and on my face teehee! ^ ^


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