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Hands up, this is the first time I have tried any type of makeup from the brand 'Soap & Glory' and I'm truly impressed. The two items I purchased are the 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lip plumping gloss & 'Kick Ass Concealer'. The product names are quite gimmicky and I'm fine with that as long as it lives up to what it's claiming to do. 

The packaging is nothing special, quite basic with some eye catching font.

The shade of lipgloss I got is 'Candy Gloss' which is a sheer peachy pink with gold shimmer, almost like a sheer liquid rose gold. It claims to have a natural plant oil with super fill technology which makes the lips swell in order to achieve that plumped pout. It has a doe foot applicator which is great because I can't handle those mini brushes which take forever to apply. The consistency is smooth but a little sticky and the scent is very chemical based as you would expect. The gloss applies quickly and evenly and just feels like a normal gloss but after a couple of minutes you get a pins and needles sensation on your lips and they tingle quite a bit for a few minutes which is essentially it working and plumping your lips.

Here's a before and after of me applying the gloss taken about 10 minutes apart and you can judge the effect for yourself. I think it's pretty good, it's not extreme obviously, it's a subtle plump which makes your lips fuller, you can see the bottom lip plumped and smoothed out quite a bit as it created a deeper shadow under my lip.

On to the concealer....

The 'Kick Ass Concealer' is most definitely kick ass!! It's one of the best concealers I have tried, it has AMAZING coverage, it's extremely pigmented, creamy and applies beautifully with great staying power even when it's not set with powder. The concealer comes with 2 shades in 1 pot plus a setting powder and powder puff, like seriously what more do you want. FYI I have the shade 'medium'. It definitely reminds me of the 'Bobbi Brown' concealers and has been a lifesaver for me in the mornings and has made me look more awake and more human. It's great for dark circles and it has two shades so you can highlight and conceal at the same time. I have used it to cover spots too and it's fantastic for that too. It also retails at £10 which is perfectamondo!! (This reminds me to eventually do an overview of my favourite concealers!)

The swatches are just one swipe and you can see how beautiful the texture is.

These two products have definitely made me want to try more from their range! A big thumbs up from me!

Have you tried and 'Soap & Glory' makeup products, if so what are your thoughts & favourites?


Anonymous said…
I've never tried anything by Soap&Glory, concealer might be the first!

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Anonymous said…
Hi! The concealer looks amazing.Does it come with a powder too? I m a little confused, Are there two shades of concealer or one for concealer and one for powder??
And what is the shade/number have you swatch?
Muhsine Emin said…
"opinionsMatterBlog' you get 2 shades of concealer in 1 pot plus a setting powder, and the shade I have is 'medium'.
Rosa Adores... said…
concealer looks so good! can't wait to try it!!
love your blog!
Unknown said…
Oooh I love the subtle plumping, I'd love plumped up lips so I'm going to check out the shades!

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Lily PSB said…
I love soap and glory. Their make up range is amazing, I would recommend the eyeliner. X
Summer said…
Think I need to try that concealer then!
Summer x
Anonymous said…
I've never used ANTYHING from soap and Glory until recently I've tried their Famous breakfast scrub and Whipped body buttercream and I fell in love with them. Since then I am tempted to try their makeup but I never got around to do it. But I'll definitely try :)

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