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Happy Sunday, I hope you are all well and enjoying the festivities of this busy month! I wanted to share a few of my beauty favourites today with mini reviews that are putting a smile on my face.

These are a few of my favourite things....

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Lotion 
I have been using this stuff for years, I generally use it for my face at night when I want to wake up with a natural tanned glow, I sometimes mix it in with my moisturiser for a more subtle effect. I mainly use it every 2-3 days to keep me looking fresh.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation 
I have this in the shade 'beige' which is a tiny bit light for me, but I actually prefer it that way as I use it as a concealer for under my eyes and to highlight my cheekbones and centre of my face, this way I get a light coverage with a natural look that lasts all day without me wearing foundation all over my face.

Beauty Blender 
I love this for natural looks, it makes any foundation & concealer apply seamlessly and beautifully. I love it with the foundation I mentioned above, I wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess and dot the foundation under my eyes and on the centre parts of my face and blend out with the beauty blender using bouncing motions, it makes any foundation feel lighter and sit better on the skin.

Body Shop Mini Strawberry Hand Cream
I love that the body shop is doing mini hand cream versions of their amazing body butters, the strawberry one just smells so delicious I want to slather it all over my dry winter hands. I have the coconut one too which smells equally as delicious.

Essie 'A Cut Above' Nailpolish
I love this rose gold glitter topped over a nude polish, it's perfect for the festive season and definitely a winner for new years eve nails. I shared an image on IG but you can see it pictured below too. 

This smells sweet, fruity and floral at the same time with a hint of spice and liquorish, it contains almond essential oil, star anise and bourbon vanilla extracts. It's a nice evening scent and I have been loving using it this past month as it's a sophisticated kind of sweet. It's also small which is perfect for the handbag or travel.

What are you loving lately?

(Disclaimer - The perfume was sent for consideration for review, I wasn't paid for this post and this post contains no affiliate links. I was also sent other items from the brand but only included the perfume as it was the only one I liked. Honest opinion as ALWAYS!)


Em said…
I love 'a cut above' too! I need to try those Body Shop hand creams because I love their fruity scents, smell delicious! Em x
Frankie Amelia said…
The essie nail varnish is gorgeous i literally need to find it!

Frankie Boo Blog
Unknown said…
That nail polish is so pretty :) Defiantly have to get my hands on it!

ExoticKissesz/UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Zara said…
Hi Muhsine, such a good idea about the tan! I've been using gradual tan on my face in the mornings but can make it a bit dry. Do you use any nighttime skincare? If so, do you apply it before or after the tan? I think I'm going to try it :)
Stacy said…
This hand cream looks just like the L'Occitane one)
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katalog ibu said…
That nail polish is so pretty :D

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