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Good morning and can you believe it's already December?! December is my birthday month so I am always excited and now on the hunt for the perfect dress. I am determined to go into January more organised and better than any year before, if I can get over my cold that is. *blows nose*

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  • This December I will be decluttering my home in a bid to go into the new year fresh instead of making resolutions and to forget about them 2 weeks later. I will be re editing my wardrobe and trying to live on less with a more minimalist style if that is even possible. I have spent the last couple of months getting rid of "stuff" slowly in every room and now December is the time to go full force. Power to me!
  • This year I turn 30!!! Wow it's crazy because when I was younger I always thought 30 was really old,  but actually now I see it's just the start of being a woman and appreciating everything. The past 10 years have been so amazing and rewarding, I graduated from university, got married, started a blog, had a baby and here I am.  I now want to do something more challenging, whether that be doing a masters or getting back into designing. I am excited to see what the next decade will unravel for me.
  • I aim to be more organised with my blog and am now scheduling posts beforehand to help me with time management. So get requesting your favourite kind of posts. I will also be trying to squeeze in more FOTD posts like I used to as the world needs to get in on the secrets of this mamas daily makeup. However, I feel that blog posts are not enough... I have been playing with the idea of YouTube as that is the next step forward to explain myself more clearly, it's one thing reading something and the next visually seeing them. But, I can't seem to bite the bullet and do it. Wish me luck and watch this space!!
  • Christmas? OK so we don't celebrate Christmas or have a tree and it's been quite hard trying to explain that to a 3 year old. But, she knows we have 2 Eids and that they are very special, she knows that different religions have different celebrations. It's my birthday on Christmas day so we still have something to celebrate. Furthermore, we will be celebrating winter and doing lots of winter crafts & activities to enjoy the jolly season.  I did consider getting a tiny pink tree for her room but fear that is the wrong way forward. I may do new year gifts but am undecided, any help on this subject is appreciated. However, I LOVE Christmas, I love looking at other peoples decorations and getting cozy at home watching cheesy Xmas movies!

Wishing you all a blessed and jolly December.... And I hope we get some snow this year!! x X x


Anonymous said…
Hi Muhsine

Love this post. I think New Years gifts is a great idea and can be made in to something your little one can look forward to if you are foregoing celebrating christmas.
I think a good idea would also be to get together with other little ones and their mothers who are also Muslim (be it family members or friends) and have little winter workshops or winter activities with crafting and baking. This can help your daughter see that there are others who are just like her who may not be celebrating Christmas either but can easily have as much fun celebrating the Winter season!

Anonymous said…
Great post Muhsine.

I too love the whole wintery season, but dont want to celebrate Xmas with my kids in the usual manner. We try to make a big deal of Eid and Ramazan when we can.

I would say stand firm and dont give in to getting a tree - it'll all go downhill after that I think - next you'll need to buy presents lol.

Take Care
Mari said…
Hi Muhsine,
I'm not Muslim, but I agree to not get the tree, it just wouldn't make sense to start that "tradition". Your 2 special events in your religion are just that - special events and something to look forward to. Oh, I like the idea of a New Year's gift, in celebrating the New Year.
Also, 30s have been pretty good to me, just don't who you are (which I know you won't) in terms of being that modern, beautiful woman who takes good care of herself... The women who start letting go of themselves we dub here in the U.S. are called "soccer moms"... don't turn into a 'soccer mom'! Lol!
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous winter workshops and getting together with others who don't celebrate Christmas sounds good, I think we will do some nice activities with her cousins :) x

@farah thank you, I am standing firm indeed, my parents never ever got me a tree even though I really wanted one when I was little, I was only considering a minitature tree to maybe go in her dolls house but there's no need for that either :) she's growing up and asking Soany inquisitive questions it just made me rethink... X

@mari lol no that's not gonna happen and thank
You for your comment, I was only considering a mini one for her dolls house perhaps but that's definitely a no no anyway. X
Unknown said…
I too have the same problem with my now five year old .... and we live in Dubai !! Its so irresistible the sparkly trees amd goregous decorations.... somehow weve managed to stay true to ourselves am not 'give in' making eid ever special.
First time im reading your blog. (Have you on instagram...not sure how or why!) But love the blog. Keep it up... Im new to blogging and tbh im just very nosy so resding about other peopled mundane habits and lifestyles fascinates me....!!
Unknown said…
I would so love a youtube channel by you! But frequent posts will also do! I too have been organizing and decluttering and it feels good to do so, great way to substitute for a resolution.

I believe you should not get a tree and instead encourage your beliefs. Getting the tree can be a precursor to other expectations down the line. ut I guess some lights will do just as good. Have a happy and blessed new year.
Muhsine Emin said…
@shazeaa well done for staying true too and thank you for your comment :) x

@hell notes for beauty - I agree, getting a tree would be the wrong way forward. x
Salaam Muhsine,

I love this post, and all of your posts! I especially love the make up organizing posts <3 :).
I am happy for you and good luck with your goals.
I also follow you on Instagram under the name VanillaVanillaa.

Good luck,

Annabel said…
I have the exact same thoughts about turning any age, I just never seem to think I'll get there. Lovely post!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers
Chimeg said…
Great news! I love your blog. I have a 3 yr old daughter too. Can't wait to see you on youtube.
Unknown said…
Just read this post . Growing up we had a family new year gift exchange . It was so fun! As we got older keeping the secret of who you got and the actually annual "holiday party" we had (my mom made sure we always had it on any other day but Xmas lol) was so fun . We made cookies and spent a full evening together , this went on our whole lives even as adults , now we all have kids and we are doing the same thing with them ! Gifts for the kids and just a fun time together . Xoxo Mehreen
Anonymous said…
great blog!! absolutely love it :) I look forward to seeing more interior posts in the future from your new flat as I think you have a great eye for design and love to get tips :) take care x
Lynsey said…
Hi Musine,

I love the post and the blog in general, have been following you for years and can't believe your daughter is big enough to ask such questions already.

One option could be to spend time with families that do celebrate christmas so she can see their tree but also families that don't and celebrate other religious times. It will give her an appreciation of the variety in her life and your community and a better understanding on why families and religions are different. They are all special and beautiful but its ok for them to be different.

Looking forward to more blog posts and a potential youtube video soon.
Lynsey @ Lynarena.blogspot
Anonymous said…
Well young kids are very impressionistic so I don't think you should get a tree now. However, in a few years or so when she grows up and is old enough to understand concepts about religion and people belonging to different religions, you can get one. Then she'll be able to tell the difference and you can get a tree under a holiday theme since Christmas related stuff has become a part of popular culture than simply being part of a religious celebration exclusion to one group of people. :)
Anonymous said…
I love your decorating and organisational blogs. I would love to watch you on youtube
SH said…
thankyou for this post Muhsine. I was so confused as to what i should do with my 2 year old who is at pre school, and they were supposed to go to church etc. But now i know i should be firm and stop any urges in sending him to church. He is too young i know but in later years he would be confused where he stands if i send him to church now thinking its harmless to go. Its our responsibility to raise children in our own religion, Islam is beautiful and thats where our kids should find peace.

Please post more posts on how you are raising an islamic kid. Any tips for us not so devoted muslims etc.

Love <3

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