Nail Care Must Haves

Happy Monday! *pass over the coffee please*

I love taking care of my nails but being a busy mama they get neglected more often than they should. However, recently my nails are looking in tip top shape and I couldn't be happier. My problem was that my nails would grow and then chip or break really easily and I would have to start all over again. I also couldn't decide on a nail shape and I have finally agreed that almond nails suit my nail bed much nicer than square. I have been doing this routine for a few months now and everything is working great. Here's what my nails can't live without;

OPI Nail Envy - This is an amazing nail strengthener that I apply it to my nails whenever I remember, it's recommended to apply a layer everyday for a few days and then remove, I do that sometimes too but I also use it as a top or base coat. This has definitely made a difference, my nails are no longer weak and instead a lot stronger with less bending as it contains protein and calcium to strengthen the nails. I sometimes also put a couple of coats on and use it like a clear polish which looks pretty too.

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover - I apply this to the cuticles, let it sit for a bit and then wipe off and push my cuticles away, it seriously does the trick and I prefer this method to cutting them which I used to do. I do this about every 3 - 4 weeks.

Cuticle Pusher- I use this to push my cuticles back and away after I have used the cuticle remover. It's so cheap and no nail care routine is complete without it.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File - This is the mother of all nail files, I can not ever imagine using anything else, it's made a huge difference to the smoothness of the edges and strength of my nails. It's washable and reusable and you will never need another one unless you break it. If you are not using a glass nail file and your nails are breaking, that is probably a key factor as to the weakness and quality of the nail. This file is so smooth and a pleasure to use and I highly recommend it.

Burts Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - This smells amazing and is also so nourishing and beneficial at the same time, it's perfect for dry cracked cuticles and will have them back to normal in no time as it contains 100% natural sweet almond and lemon oils. (At the moment you can get little duo sets which contain the cuticle cream and lip balm which is worth checking out, see HERE)

Nails coated with Nail Envy.

What are your nail care favourites?


Unknown said…
I definitely want to try out these products on my nails, I've never really paid careful attention to my nails, I've just always had a colour on them and they have become so weak! Thankyou for this post!

Beauty in His Name BLOG

Burts Bees cuticle cream has a permanent place by my beside, love it! I also love to dig out the LUSH Lemony Flutter & cotton gloves overnight when extra hydration is needed :) I need to invest in a decent cuticle remover & heard lots of good things about sally hansen so will definitely be picking that up!

Aysh xox
Anonymous said…
I too have been having more fragile nails recently that would split and I would have to cut and start anew. In my case it was due to an acrilic manicure I had two years ago. Never again! I went from very strong and thick nails to frail and think nails.

I too have changed onto a glass file and I am using a fortifier, and they have helped a lot! I am on the look out for a cuticle cream so thanks for the recommendation!
its calme said…
I have nail envy too. It really works! My nails are much longer and stronger since purchasing it.
Mandy S said…
I swear by OPI Nail Envy, it makes my nails so strong and they actually grow quicker too! x

Stacy said…
I want to try the Burt's Bees
Unknown said…
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