Friday, 25 December 2015

Why hello there....

Firstly, Merry Christmas to all those celebrating today. It's been exactly 1 whole year since I did the last blog post and this post is long overdue but here it is....

Yup, it's my birthday again, another year older and wiser. I must admit, it's been nice having a break from picking up my camera, checking emails and updating but it feels good to be typing away right now too.

As most of you know from Instagram, Esra unfortunately got Mastoiditis this time last year and required emergency surgery. I have deleted most of her photos and everything mentioning the hard times as I just can't bare to look at them. For those of you who don't know, 'mastoiditis' happens when a middle ear infection gets untreated, or in our case misdiagnosed several times. We went to A&E and the GP several times but kept getting assured it was a viral infection and that it would heal on it's own. Mastoiditis is very serious as the mastoid bone is the bone that supports the brain and if the infection had leaked through it could have caused major problems.  The surgery itself was stressful enough as the incision they made was right near the facial nerve. All my hairs are shivering and standing up thinking about it! Luckily, we got the surgery on time and my little pumpkin has made a very good recovery and is left unaffected thankfully. Anyway, I am so thankful that we overcame that stage in our life and have closed that chapter. I take everyday as a blessing and like to enjoy every moment. I just felt like I needed to update on here to let those know who didn't know.

This year I got Esra a little pink "winter" tree that we popped into our fireplace, initially the decor was minimal but she kept coming home with little pine cones in her pocket along with metallic string and clay ornaments from nursery so basically everything got shoved onto it all artistically organised by Esra herself lol, it's so nice to see them smile.

I want to start blogging again, but only once or twice a week about things that interest me and things I enjoy doing. I'm still liking the not checking emails every 2 seconds idea, and will keep that up for as long as I can. Blogging has changed SO much since I last started and it feels like everyone is a pro at it now, but my viewpoint has changed so much in that past year. I still love my makeup and beauty but I'm OK with not having an entire room full of products, I like to use natural products where possible instead of chemical based and like to take a more eco friendly option where I can too. My aim has always been to own decent sized makeup bag full of makeup and hopefully I will achieve that very soon as I have already downsized so much.
I'm on a journey to become a "minimalist" and I feel like I'm almost there, but I need a final declutter in some key zones and plan on sharing some of my journey with you.

Thank you all for your patience and hope you understand my lack of posts, hope you have all had a fab day and now enjoying some Christmas films in cosy pj's.

I'm already planning my next post, speak soon... x X x