Lush Haul...

Who can resist the scent of a Lush store?

Definitely, not me... particularly when its a new mahoosive store in Oxford Street. I walked straight in and here's what I walked out with...

I actually went in only to buy a cleanser and maybe 1 bath bomb...

'Angels on bare skin' is a lovely soothing cleanser made from ground almonds and lavender oil. I used to use this in the past quite regularly but somehow it slipped my routine. However, pregnancy skin is a lot more sensitive so I thought the introduction of this back into my life will be just the 'pick me up' my skin needs.

This cleanser is soothing and calming and great for dry skin and eczema too, as you can see it is a solid crumbly product and you pinch a bit off and put it in the middle of your palm, add water and lather onto your skin. It smells of lavender so it's very comforting and a great product to use right before bed.

I picked up 2 bubble bars, 1 bath bomb and I was given an extra bubble bar as a random act of kindness, the SA was so sweet and she even recognised me and told me she read my blog, shout out to you Zahra, thank you so much.

The Comforter (Bubble Bar) This is an all time favourite, I always buy one with every Lush purchase as you don't have to use it all in one go. I crumble bits off and make it last as long as possible (About 4 baths worth). It smells AMAZING with a fresh fruity scent with notes of blackcurrant and bergamot. Furthermore, it produces lots of lovely bubbles and pink bath water, what more does one want?

UltraViolet (Bubble Bar) This is from the new easter range and I purchased for the same reason as mentioned above, its a nice hefty large chunk and can be used for several baths when crumbled off. It looks amazing, like a dark rainbow and the scent is divine!! It contains Rosewood and jasmine so it's high in floral notes and produces lovely violet bath water and just sounds really relaxing. I think this one is for me! :)

Fizzbanger (Bath Bomb) This is bright yellow and blue on the inside so changes colour as it fizzes away. Esra's favourite colour is green at the moment, so the fact that her bath water would eventually turn green, sold me on this one. It smells like citrus lemons and cinnamon and I'm sure Esra will have a lot of fun tonight. :)

Down The Rabbit Hole (Bubble bar) This is part of their easter range, it looks like a candy swirl and smells really sweet with notes of orange, I am sure Esra will love this! (This was the one that was given to me as a random act of kindness.)

I wish you could smell everything... Mmmmmmmm

They had so many cool bath bombs and bubble bars, I basically want everything! I haven't been to Lush in AGES and really feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms lol. I am planning to go back and get some shampoo and conditioner bars for my hair, I also want 'Big" shampoo and 'Curly Wurly' for Esra plus a whole lot more!

What are your favourites from Lush right now? There was so many cool Easter items, and I really wish I got the bunch of carrots, check them out if you haven't already.

On another note, I have all the ingredients to make my own bath bombs, so might try and make a few with Esra, that will be way more economic but probably won't look as good!


Kristy said…
I love the look of Down the Rabbit Hole, I love the bright colours. The Ultra Violet bar was one I loved last year.

Kristy |
I love your photos! :)
La Pepa said…
That pink bubble gum bar is indeed amazing :)
I also recently purchased few pink eggs (bath bombs) from their Easter range, this will be a gift for my niece instead of chocolate egg and few friends- I think hey will get tones of chocolate on that day anyway, so this will be something different but I am sure they will love it :)

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