30 Weeks Pregnant...

Wow 30 weeks already, only 10 weeks until little mans due date. Time is honestly flying by this time and I honestly feel a little overwhelmed. I'm definitely trying to be a lot more minimalistic with this baby and I still haven't personally crocheted a blanket for him yet, but my mums made 2 already. I love this yellow popcorn stitch one! We have got the cot and moses basket, I just need bedding and a stand for the basket, also some newborn clothes, carseat........ ok I still need a lot. But, it's ok I have time, I think.... :)

I have started collecting a few bits for my hospital bag, and decided to purchase the Weleda Baby Calendula shampoo & body wash as it had so many great reviews on Amazon. I used Burts Bees with Esra which was lovely but this time around I wanted something different and fresh.

A few days after I was contacted randomly by the PR for Weleda with a press release for the shampoo & body wash I had just purchased asking if I wanted a sample, I explained I already purchased it and they sent me a few other baby bits instead which was lovely. I have used the face cream on Esra as she complained here cheeks were itchy and it was so lovely and rich with a smooth texture that absorbed well. I feel like I'm going to get hooked on this brand as I have tried a few bits from their skincare range for me in the past and it was really nourishing, I'm loving the more natural brands as always. I will keep you updated with which products are true hits.

Here's the bump at 30 weeks, 7 & a half months pregnant.

Some people tell me I'm tiny, some people tell me I'm huge, I think I'm pretty average for 30 weeks, little man was measuring well at previous midwife appointment, but she did say that he wasn't very big as I complained that I felt huge :) I have no idea how much weight I have gained as I haven't weighed myself, I will once I see some scales though as I'm just curious. To be fair, I'm not fussed as I know I will lose it once he's out. (positive thinking) Overall I am feeling good, similar to Esra's pregnancy but this guy is definitely more active, pushing, kicking and doing all sorts of sports in there. He is also giving me pressure down below when I walk for long periods of time and has been giving me so much heartburn.

The most comfortable thing for me to wear are these jeggings which sit under the belly and not even maternity, I have also purchased a couple of leggings in the next size up and have managed to avoid purchasing maternity clothes. Although I did get a couple of really cheap maternity tops from New Look in the sale. I refuse to wear maternity everything and look frumpy! I have 1 pair of jean shorts from H & M maternity that I kept from Esra's pregnancy and it still fits so perfect for the warm weather if the sun stays out in London. Furthermore, my belly button is still an 'innie' but I'm sure within the next few weeks I will upgrade to being an 'outie'. No major cravings, apart from 'Lilt' soft drink which is so random for me.

Hello little one, apparently baby is the size of a melon.

I can't wait to meet you little one! :) Esra, is still so excited, I have been keeping her involved with everything and she honestly can't wait to meet her little brother. 

I am a bit scared, ok very scared of the whole birthing process as I know what to expect. But, I have been a bit more sensible and done a bit more research this time for the healing process. With Esra, I had a natural water birth which was beautiful but traumatic for me as it happened so fast. I'm aiming for the same natural water birth this time round too, but hoping I can be be a lot calmer inshallah (wishful thinking) I have to make sure I pack some candles and lavender essential oil, ok haha that was a joke, "aint nobody got time for that", but in theory that would be nice! :)

Here are a few things I have been using and a few things I will be using soon.....

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Postpartum Bath Herbs
These are like a sitz bath, they are packaged like little tea bags and you let them sit in the bath which helps the healing process. This also had excellent reviews so I had to purchase. There are also so many other products from this line but I think I will try to make my own concoctions of some of them.

Neal's Yard - Mothers Balm
I'm still using this luxurious balm on my belly day and night, and still no stretch marks touch wood.

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Breast Pads
A much more eco friendly option, as the disposable ones are just wasted. Although I'm sure I will keep some of those on hand too as these aren't waterproof. I purchased these from ebay for really cheap and they are excellent quality.

Tums - Antacid Tablets
I have these whenever I have heartburn and they help so much, they taste a lot nicer than gaviscon too. 

Which Hazel
I have been using this as a toner on my skin, but I purchased to make postpartum healing pads, I saw on youtube how you can mix aloe vera gel and which hazel and apply onto a sanitary towel, place in the fridge and it's instant relief for where mama needs it most.

This has been so lovely, I have been alternating using this with the Neal's Yard mothers balm, I really didn't think I would love anything as equally but I do. this oil is so nourishing, rich and soothing and if there's any itch, it's sure to be gone as it contains jojoba, sweet almond & wheat germ oil and arnica. I would highly recommend, I was sent this too which is perfect as I would never of purchased it myself as I felt that nothing would compare to the mothers balm. Also, a note to other mamas to be, don't bother with bio oil, it's one of the most terrible oils I have tried, not nourishing at all, if your really stuck, then use olive or coconut oil from your kitchen and you will benefit 10X more. I also purchased a tub of the cocoa butter stretch mark balm, and it was a sorry excuse for a balm, seriously a waste of money.

This is supposed to be applied to your lady part in preparation for birth, I purchased after researching for anything that prevented tearing. TMI, I know but there is stuff out there peeps.

Weleda - Nursing Oil
This is to be applied to the nipple and breast area to keep it moist and stimulate and prepare for milk flow, this was sent to me also. With Esra I used Lansinoh, but I like that this is all natural and an easily absorbed oil, will see how it goes.

Ok, now I have to go pee! *typical pregnancy talk*

Speak soon x X x


So good to read a post from you, as you always have the best recommendations! I have to echo your dislike of bio oil... I always tell my pregnant friends to alternate between a few balms and oils to make sure that even if one is useless - you'll get benefits from the other ones lol!

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