Ramadan Mubarak...

I just wanted to hop on here and wish everyone celebrating Ramadan a blessed and beautiful month. I am a few days late in posting this but still wanted to share. Thank you to all those who commented on my IG post.

This year I managed to whip up a countdown to Eid, with a Ramadan advent calendar. I based this years parcels around kindness and giving as opposed to little gifts that would be unappreciated the next day.

If you didn't do one this year, fear not, because you can still do one for the last 10 days, which is actually a great and more minimal idea which I will probably do next year.

I filled the parcels up with either craft activity instructions including things like make a sadaka/charity jar, decorate a lantern, make a mosque etc, plus colouring pages which you can easily find via google if you type 'Ramadan printables', things to do; like help around the house or other people like separate some toys and clothes for charity, practice Arabic letters, pray with mummy and more things on that level. I also added a little teeny tiny chocolate egg to each parcel which has been much appreciated!

Here was the first parcel, and Esra got to work straight away. She loves waking up in the morning and  tears open a bag right away! :)

I printed off the numbers from @sweetfajr website on IG.

I have also made a little reading nook with all Ramadan books which I love adding to each year.

Here's the mosque we made last year, and I'm not sure if we can make a better one, but right now it takes pride of place inside our fireplace. I can't wait to make another one that Adem can participate in inshallah.

I already have 99% of Eid gifts sorted for Esra and Adem, as I have got so much planning to do for our holiday I needed to get those done and dusted. So, a pat on the back for me lol.

How have you prepared for Ramadan this year?


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