Tuesday, 29 January 2019

My Minimised Makeup Collection...

Happy Tuesday!

Wow, so this post has been a long time coming as it's really interesting for me personally and I'm sure for many others to see what I have narrowed my collection down to. It's a real mixture of brands and here is what I'm using at the moment.

I'm going to start off by saying I try to apply the "one in, one out" rule for my makeup too, so I don't buy a new mascara before the one I am using is finished which has helped decrease and minimise my collection greatly.

I can't say I have applied this to ALL areas as I still have quite a few lipsticks but it has still been decreased about 80%. 

  • Mac Face & Body Foundation (Shade C3)- This is the only foundation I own and use as it has a gorgeous light coverage with an extremely natural finish as it's water based. Check my full review HERE! I don't wear foundation everyday so I don't need to own 2352 different versions.
  • Benefit Porefessional - A lovely primer that I sometimes use under the Mac Face & Body or on my lids for a longer lasting finish.
  • Mac Strobe Cream - I love this stuff for a dewy finish on my cheek bones for days I want to look super fresh.
  • Mac NC30 Studio Finish Concealer - This is my number 1, I use it everyday to cover any blemishes with a brush and sometimes even under the eyes warmed up in-between my fingers if I haven't had enough sleep. Review HERE!
  • Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - This concealer has a lighter and darker shade which I mainly use under my eyes, sometimes I mix the colours or use as is depending on how tanned I am. I did a review on this before, check it HERE!
  • Benefit Hoola - I have the stick and powder version, the powder version being my favourite. This has always been a favourite and I purchased it to replace my Nars Casino but I think I prefer this more as it's cooler. Review HERE!
  • Mac Snowflushed Extra Dimension Skin Finish - I love this beautiful illuminating highlighter, and I'm sure it will last me ages, I don't use blush but this gives me the perfect amount of colour whilst highlighting. 

  • Benefit Bad Gal Bang - I got this in a Xmas see and it's not my favourite, but once it runs out I will be repurchasing L'oreal Voluminous as it has always been my favourite.
  • Makeup Revolution Light Brown Eyebrow Pencil - I have repurchased this about 10x already, it's a lovely waxy pencil that is the best match for my brows and is under £3.
  • Benefit Gimme Brow - A great eyebrow gel that actually keeps them in place, to be honest though a bit of hairspray on a brush also does the trick.
  • Miss Sporty - Khol Kajal Deep brown - A lovely soft chunky eyeliner that is perfect to smudge in for a subtle everyday look.
  • Barry M Eye Define Liquid Liner - This is really nice long lasting true glossy black liquid eyeliner with a bendy but sharp applicator, I also like L'oreals version and buy which ever is on offer when I run out.
  • Rimmel Nude Eye Pencil + Sable Brown - Great on the water line, Rimmel pencils have always been great basics. (I can't believe I have stopped using black pencil on my waterline, I now find it too harsh.)
  • Nars Galapagos Eyeshadow - Yes, if I could only own 1 eyeshadow it would be this. It's a beautiful brown shade with specks of golden finely milled micro glitter that can be applied with a light or dark hand to create a more smoky finish.
  • Mac 'Ready to Party' Eyeshadow - I can't rave about this enough, it's what I use daily on the inner corners of my eyes.
  • Bourjois 01 & 03 - 01 is a lovely classic champagne gold shade suitable for all over the lid for a great everyday look. 03 is like a nude dusting of glitter to amp up the look. I enjoy both of these as they are easy to apply with my fingers.

  • Mac Lipsticks - Pure Zen, Sandy B, Ramblin' Rose, Creme Cup, Velvet Teddy, Freckletone, Ruby Woo & Diva. My all time favourite is 'Creme Cup' which I probably wear most days. I am so terribly disappointed that 'Hue' has been discontinued but I have found that L'oreal does a good dupe, however the shade number has rubbed off so I can't tell you what it is! I now only own 1 red shade (Ruby Woo) and one berry shade (Diva) in the Mac mini versions as I don't wear them that often. 
  • Lipliners - Barry M (Minx) this is a great dupe for Mac 'Dervish' which I team with 'Creme Cup'. Miss Sporty 'Coffee', Collection 'Nude Pink' are both quite similar to Mac 'Spice'. Another favourite is Rimmel 'Addiction' which I have run out of. I sometimes also use Rimmel 'Hazel' brow pencil on my lips as it's similar to Mac 'Oak' when wearing 'Velvet Teddy'. I have Mac 'Cherry' for when I wear a red lip.
  • Lipgloss - Mac 'Oyster Girl' - I realised I'm not really a lipgloss person so reduced it to just the one, I use this over the top of nude lips for when I want glossy lips for more of an evening look

Wow, all done! I don't own a face powder as I never really used it. My skin isn't that oily for me to need it daily. I just pat my T-zone with some tissue if I need to blot and voila. I got rid of my palettes as I don't want too much choice and to stress about what shade to use, I also don't like the bulky packaging that comes with them. I use my bronzer in my crease, and don't really wear eyeshadow daily. However, I am thinking that I need Mac's 'Texture' eyeshadow a warm brown and maybe 'Carbon' for some black when I really want a smokey look, apart from that I don't think I am missing anything!

Are you surprised? What do you think is the perfect amount of makeup?

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Current Favourites...

At the moment it's really easy for me to choose my favourite things as luckily I have years of experience when it comes to actually knowing what I really like and use. I don't like to waste my money on hyped of products and neither should you. 

Here are a few simple items I use in several ways...

Rosehip Oil - I removed the label because I hate labels - I use this once a week overnight on my face as a night time treatment, I use it on the ends of my hair after I wash it. I use it for dry skin, I use it for scars, I add a few drops to the bath, my foundation and even as a hand moisturiser. It's a MUST have beauty item and because of this I don't buy any targeted creams with "rose oil' in it as they only add about 1%, this way I can add it to any cream for extra vitamins.

Lush Tea Tree Water - I love this thing as a toner and generally just to freshen up! If I get stressed I literally use a spritz and it balances me out. It's also nice to use after applying makeup - personally I don't think anybody needs a fixing spray as this does the job just the same.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub - Ok so I only use this one way and that's as a lip scrub, but Esra loves, it so if you want to be a cool mum, get this for yourself and let your daughter use it too as it smells and tastes delicious!

Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum - This has been my most favourite scent since last Summer and I have already repurchased twice, I also have the 'Nero Assoluto' version which is in essence supposed to be the darker/night version but I like this one much more. It's such a sexy scent suitable for date nights and even for everyday wear. It has notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and tonka bean and the scent just drives me crazy!! I absolutely love it, give it a whiff if you can.

Mac 'Ready to Party' Eyeshadow - So if you know me, you know I used to own almost every Mac shadow, but now my collection literally consists of about 4 eyeshadows and this one is my favourite. I use it as a highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes and sometimes even on my cheekbones. I promise without it I look like I'm dying for a coffee, and as soon as I put it on I look wide awake. It's a pale lilac leaning towards the champagne side with an iridescent sheen with hints of violet, blue and pink. I love it because it brings out the green in my hazel eyes and works well with my olive (NC30) skin tone.

Here's a swatch and I believe it will suit any skin tone from extremely fair to dark as it can be layered and has a really smooth consistency. Just look...

What are your favourites at the moment?

Friday, 18 January 2019

Minimalist Makeup + Beauty Storage

Guess what? I achieved my goal of having a small amount of makeup that I can transport with me anywhere, but it only took me FOREVER to get here and it's a pretty big deal for me as I used to have mountains of makeup! I can now officially take ALL my makeup with me if I need to without thinking, don't get it twisted I don't but I can if I want to!

My makeup only takes up 1 drawer space in these Ikea 'Moppe' drawers and a jar that is on top filled with brushes and some pencils. I put my makeup on standing usually in a rush with a toddler hanging off my leg so I don't need a chair, I love my mirror which is from Anthropologie.

I also keep day to day items on top in a gold tin box which came with one of my perfumes at easy reach and my jewellery is nicely displayed too, because I've realised that if I don't see it, I don't wear it. (I have however kept my more fancy 'date night' jewellery separate as I don't need to access them at all times, as lets face it date nights aren't as regular after 2 kiddos.) I have been storing my items this way for a few months now and I love that it's clutter free and looks very minimal.

I added little hooks to display my dainty necklaces and a couple of bamboo bowls to store some studs as they usually always get lost.

 In the rest of the drawers are sunglasses, rings, hair ties, skin care and nail items. 

I also use pretty things that bring me joy like coconut bowls to store my rings inside the drawers as it makes me happy and sparks joy. Yes, I am a huge Marie Kondo fan, so much so that I have even considered becoming a rep, because even when I walk into charity shops I want to help them organise and that isn't normal apparently lol...

Have you minimised your makeup and beauty items since the good ol' blogging days? I must say, it's much nicer and less overwhelming, I am going to come back with more minimalist spaces as I have some free time now that Adem is going to nursery a couple of days a week... Woohoo!