Current Favourites...

At the moment it's really easy for me to choose my favourite things as luckily I have years of experience when it comes to actually knowing what I really like and use. I don't like to waste my money on hyped of products and neither should you. 

Here are a few simple items I use in several ways...

Rosehip Oil - I removed the label because I hate labels - I use this once a week overnight on my face as a night time treatment, I use it on the ends of my hair after I wash it. I use it for dry skin, I use it for scars, I add a few drops to the bath, my foundation and even as a hand moisturiser. It's a MUST have beauty item and because of this I don't buy any targeted creams with "rose oil' in it as they only add about 1%, this way I can add it to any cream for extra vitamins.

Lush Tea Tree Water - I love this thing as a toner and generally just to freshen up! If I get stressed I literally use a spritz and it balances me out. It's also nice to use after applying makeup - personally I don't think anybody needs a fixing spray as this does the job just the same.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub - Ok so I only use this one way and that's as a lip scrub, but Esra loves, it so if you want to be a cool mum, get this for yourself and let your daughter use it too as it smells and tastes delicious!

Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum - This has been my most favourite scent since last Summer and I have already repurchased twice, I also have the 'Nero Assoluto' version which is in essence supposed to be the darker/night version but I like this one much more. It's such a sexy scent suitable for date nights and even for everyday wear. It has notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and tonka bean and the scent just drives me crazy!! I absolutely love it, give it a whiff if you can.

Mac 'Ready to Party' Eyeshadow - So if you know me, you know I used to own almost every Mac shadow, but now my collection literally consists of about 4 eyeshadows and this one is my favourite. I use it as a highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes and sometimes even on my cheekbones. I promise without it I look like I'm dying for a coffee, and as soon as I put it on I look wide awake. It's a pale lilac leaning towards the champagne side with an iridescent sheen with hints of violet, blue and pink. I love it because it brings out the green in my hazel eyes and works well with my olive (NC30) skin tone.

Here's a swatch and I believe it will suit any skin tone from extremely fair to dark as it can be layered and has a really smooth consistency. Just look...

What are your favourites at the moment?


Anonymous said…
What brand do you use for Rosehip oil?
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Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous - It's by Eden's Semilla x
Anonymous said…
Thank you x

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