Minimalist Makeup + Beauty Storage

Guess what? I achieved my goal of having a small amount of makeup that I can transport with me anywhere, but it only took me FOREVER to get here and it's a pretty big deal for me as I used to have mountains of makeup! I can now officially take ALL my makeup with me if I need to without thinking, don't get it twisted I don't but I can if I want to!

My makeup only takes up 1 drawer space in these Ikea 'Moppe' drawers and a jar that is on top filled with brushes and some pencils. I put my makeup on standing usually in a rush with a toddler hanging off my leg so I don't need a chair, I love my mirror which is from Anthropologie.

I also keep day to day items on top in a gold tin box which came with one of my perfumes at easy reach and my jewellery is nicely displayed too, because I've realised that if I don't see it, I don't wear it. (I have however kept my more fancy 'date night' jewellery separate as I don't need to access them at all times, as lets face it date nights aren't as regular after 2 kiddos.) I have been storing my items this way for a few months now and I love that it's clutter free and looks very minimal.

I added little hooks to display my dainty necklaces and a couple of bamboo bowls to store some studs as they usually always get lost.

 In the rest of the drawers are sunglasses, rings, hair ties, skin care and nail items. 

I also use pretty things that bring me joy like coconut bowls to store my rings inside the drawers as it makes me happy and sparks joy. Yes, I am a huge Marie Kondo fan, so much so that I have even considered becoming a rep, because even when I walk into charity shops I want to help them organise and that isn't normal apparently lol...

Have you minimised your makeup and beauty items since the good ol' blogging days? I must say, it's much nicer and less overwhelming, I am going to come back with more minimalist spaces as I have some free time now that Adem is going to nursery a couple of days a week... Woohoo!


Emily Steiner said…
So cute! And amazing you paired it down to fit everything in one small drawer!! Would love to see a post on your makeup item must haves - to see what was "good enough" to make the cut! ;)
Unknown said…
You are back! Yesss!
I've minimalized my makeup as well, it was becoming ridiculous! I'm not as you are yet but it feels less cluttered and makes me happy that way! Can't wait to read more posts Muhsine! Much love! xx
Anonymous said…
That looks lovely. Mine is minimal, but looks cluttered as I use tiny weave baskets that I'm kind of obsessed with. This is a better option as it makes use of the height and keeps all the tubes of cream out of sight. Thanks for sharing! I'm off to look for tiny drawers 😁

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