Ramadan prep...

Ramadan / Ramazan is getting closer, I have always done a countdown to Eid ever since Esra was tiny and have kept up the tradition. This year I wanted to share what I'm planning early incase anyone needs any last minute ideas and encouragement. It's honestly the best thing to see their excitement for the holy month and it makes me so happy to see their enthusiasm.

DIY String lights are from Tiger.

I am still doing just the one hanging advent style parcel to open each day for both kiddos to share.


The number cards are from Poundland and are located in the wedding section. The striped bags are sold as candy bags (5x7) which I purchased from eBay.

Inside the bags are a mixture of fun toys, useful items, treats, prompts and activity ideas. I found this the best way as too much of anything can be overwhelming. I have some fun stuff for Esra including a mermaid lip balm, cat bag, highlighters, unicorn sharpener, glow in the dark moon necklace and some henna. For Adem I have gone with hot wheel cars, a Schleich cheetah and motorbike stickers. I have added some sweet treats and balloons as they always go down well.
I have added prompts like; separate something for charity, buy or make something for the homeless, and help cook Iftar.
I have added activities such as; make some sparkly play doh, make cupcakes, make cookies, make a paper mache mosque, build a mosque from wooden blocks, learn about the phases of the moon, make moon decorations, make lanterns, make origami paper stars make Eid cards and decorate a cake for Eid.

(Zoom into the photo for a close up!)

I have added props which I will reuse each year, the cookie cutters and wooden cake topper were purchased from eBay. The silver stars were from NYE decor years ago which I have kept.

I have tried to mix it up so they get a variety of alternating toys and activities so they learn to share and to be grateful. 

If you don't own a mini letter stamp set, (I have 3 sizes) you need to as they make beautiful personalised cards. The last parcel contains a card making kit I put together and I can't wait for both of them to get creative and make family and friends cards.

I will also be incorporating the wooden house I shared on IG, and will be turning it into a 'dua house' where a prayer or hadith will go in each slot, we will use this  just before bedtime. I will share photos of that too once it's all complete.

That's all for now... I will check back in once everything is out and in its place inshallah.



Anonymous said…
Love it ❤️❤️ ..Ramadan kareem
Shirin said…
That’s so lovely Muhsine! I did a similar garland for the first few years but for this year I’ve made a little tree where I will be hanging little boxes in. My girls helped with painting it :-) I will fill them with little treats. We’ve also made a sadaqa jar.
I use these cards For the boxes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1jnJwtcoTdCNHViUHBJS3hleDQ/view
Maybe their helpful for other mummies :-)
Anonymous said…
Very nice
Muhsine Emin said…
thank you xx

@shirin - oh the tree is a lovely idea, I was thinking to do something similar with some twigs to hang crafts or crochet stars xx

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